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Perform with us!

Cumberland County Children's Theatre invites kids from age 5–17 to perform with us!
Whether you are new to theatre, or you've taken the stage before—we have a place for you.

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Storybook Cast

AGES 5–9

Our Storybook Cast is perfect for younger actors who are new to theater. Storybook roles include the opportunity to perform dance/movement and vocals alongside older cast members, without the pressure of memorizing lines.


Storybookers are called for 1–2 hour rehearsals on Saturdays, January through March, with final performances in late March/early April.

Most recently, our Storybook Cast played the parts of Wolves and Plates in our production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.


Full Cast

AGES 7–17

Full Cast actors have the opportunity to audition for speaking roles at our December audition.

We often double-cast speaking roles, so that more actors can have their shot on stage! Actors may also choose to perform in our Ensemble only.


Full cast actors are called for 1–3 hour rehearsals on Saturdays, January–March, with additional rehearsals as needed to prepare for final performances in late March/early April.

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This season's show is already in production, but we hope you will join us next year!

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